Visit the Historical Bhartpur City in Rajasthan


It is believed that the city of Bharatpur is named after Bharat, the brother of ‘Lord Rama’. This historical city bears a great history in spite of being a major tourist spot. Bharatpur is located at the Eastern boundary of the Rajasthan. It is on the brink of the Uttar Pradesh state. Bharatpur is just 55 kilometres away from the Agra city. The most excellent element of Bharatpur is its location. The area is very convenient for travellers who wish to visit Bharatpur from several states.

History of Bharatpur City

Actually, the olden times of Bharatpur dates back to the classic era (5th century BC), when the ‘Matsya’ empire thrived in this city. The “Matsya” were the associated of the great heroes “Pandavas” in the final Mahabharata combat. In accordance with the traditional belief, the city was named after Bharat, the brother of Lord Rama. On the other hand, Laxman, one more brother of Lord Rama was offered the supreme position (as their family God) in the family who ruled Bharatpur in the past. Hence, one can see the name of Laxman in the state’s emblem and seal.

The Bharatpur city was established by “Maharaja Suraj Mahal” in the year 1733 A.D. At that time, the city was popularly known as ‘Mewat’. The Bharatpur city was secluded by impenetrable walls and built as an equipped township. In the 17th century, Bharatpur was conquered by the ‘Jat clan’. Once, Bharatpur city was the capital of “Jat Monarch” and was ruled by the “Sinsinwar Maharajas”. Still, the authority of the ‘Jat clan’ can be found in the town. In actual fact, this territory of the Jats has its own chronological importance and convey’s several information of valors in opposition to the invasions by the British people and Mughal’s. This place is celebrated for the palaces, forts and also for the unique architectures of the Rajput’s & Mughal’s that can be seen almost all over the place. The region, its inhabitants and the structural design – all of them conveys an unemotional tale about these battalions who continue to exist and thrived in these antagonistic circumstances.

Places to visit in Bharatpur

One of the most repeatedly visited region in Rajasthan is the Bharatpur city. The city has valuable monuments, historical possessions, and countless tourist attractions. The “Bird sanctuary” that originated in Bharatpur city is one of the key reasons for the large numbers of tourists who visit this town.

The Major places in Bharatpur to visit are

The Bharatpur Palace : The Bharatpur Palace is located next to the Government museum. The Bharatpur Palace is an architectural fusion of Mughal & Rajput style. This palace was constructed in different periods and by various kings. The flooring of the palace was created by using some sophisticated and complex designed tiles.

The Deeg : During the 18th century, the Deeg city was the capital of the ‘Jats’. The Deeg fort was built in the early 18th century on an elevated land. Deeg a small township was the major summer remedy of the emperors of Bharatpur a long time ago. If truth be told, Deeg was the 2nd capital of the district. The Deeg city exhibits an assortment of colossal forts, sneaky palaces, a vivacious bazaar and several attention-grabbing gardens. The Deeg Fort is surrounded by a broad trivial moat. The wall of the fortification extends to about 7.8 Kms in length. The fortification has ten entryways and reinforced by 72 citadels. Hence, the fort could endure giant gun hits as its entryway stood firm against the bumps of ‘white elephants’.

The Keoladeo Ghana National Park : The “Keoladeo National Park” or “Keoladeo Ghana National Park” is one of the finest parks in the Rajasthan state. The total land area of the park is 29 square kms and the sanctuary dwells approximately 375 different species of birds. Some of the rare itinerant bird species reside in the Keoladeo National Park during the migratory phases. Numerous birds take a trip here all the way from Europe and Siberia. Some of the commonly noticed bird species comprise Spanish Sparrow, Coot Snipes, Rosy Pelican, Flamingo and Red Crested Porhard. The Keoladeo National Park is also occupied by a lot of wild species of reptiles and mammals. Some of the commonly observed wild species are: Spotted Deer, Pythons, Blue Bull, Sambhars, Jackals, Black Buck, Fishing Cats, Monitor Lizards and Otters.

Government Museum : The Government Museum is situated inside the fort complex itself. This division of the building is known as the ‘Kamra Khas’. The Government Museum displays a wealthy compilation of relics and statuettes. Some other displays include antique writings and some chronological art works.

Lohagarh Fort : The Lohagarh fort was one of the unassailable forts that annoyed the British authority several times in the past. Towards the closing stages of the medieval period, the Lohargarh Fort was assailed for about 4 times by the British authority. However, all their efforts were ineffective. Finally, the Lohagarh Fort was imprisoned in the year 1804 when the British hordes were escorted by “Lord Lake”. The Fort was very famous for its unbelievable might to endure all the invasions. In addition, The Lohagarh Fort dwells countless tombstones, together with the towers and halls of reputation.

Ways of transportation to Bharatpur:

By Air : The closest airport to reach Bharatpur is at Agra. The airport is approximately 55 kms away from the Agra city.
By Train : One can get train services to this city region. One can easily reach Bharatpur city by boarding a train from major cities like Jaipur, Agra and Delhi.
By Bus : In cooperation, one can get both short & long distance bus services from different cities to reach Bharatpur. The bus services are available within the state and away from the state.

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