Rajasthani Puppet Show

Rajasthani Puppet show from the land of Rajasthan

Traditions and cultures followed in the country India is now unknown to the people in the globe. They share the special ambiance and essence of land filled with royal and traditional attributes. This is the culture of India which makes it a unique country from others. One such state which helps in carrying the same essence in known as Rajasthan. The state Rajasthan is a big box of surprises which talks about rich heritage and customs followed in cities. Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, share the place of special in people of Rajasthan as it talks about the contemporary formation along with rich and royal classifieds of Rajasthan on one land.

One such special attribute which defines the richness of Rajasthani culture is Rajasthani puppet show. Many people mush have heard about the puppet play in Rajasthan but they may not be aware of the fact that the Rajasthani puppet show is famous and popular in worldwide embracing the rich heritage on Rajasthan and taking it to the new level of monarch in every part of the world.

The origination of Rajasthani puppet show

The Bhat community of Rajasthan, over 1500 years ago started this form of art of making puppets which were also known as kathputli. The kathputli are entirely made of wood and serves the string marionette show by the local people. The puppeteers handle the puppets by the help of strings and instruct them with strings handled in their fingers. The Rajasthani puppet show touched the skies of popularity about 500 years back when the kings and royal families of Rajasthan were served by the puppet shows on the occasion. The patrons in return were honored by great respect and gratitude. From then, the Rajasthani puppet shows were written as one of the culture of Rajasthan in the book of the state. Their hard work and creativity is commendable which helps in demonstrating the real victorious stories of Rajasthan’s’ heroes and kings. This is served as one of the means of sharing the royalty and victory glimpse of Rajasthan in front of the travellers and tourists.

The puppets used in Rajasthani puppet show are appareled with beautiful Rajasthani attires. The puppets resembling to femme are dressed with ghagra choli, the Rajasthani women attire and puppets which resembles to men are dressed with dhoti kurta, the Rajasthani men attire. The Rajasthani puppet show involves other folk performances along with it. The puppeteers produce the sounds for puppets as per the scene in the show. Along with dialogues, Rajasthani music and dance is performed in between the show. The music is produced by the back stage artists and dances are performed by the puppets itself by the help of puppeteers handling their puppets.

The popularity of rajasthani puppet show

The Rajasthani puppet show also known as finger puppet theater is a complete trip to the folk culture of Rajasthani which includes puppet show, music, dances and lat but not the least the royal stories of victorious people of Rajasthan. The tourists appreciate the Rajasthani puppet show which embraces the creativity and uniqueness of the talented artists of Rajasthan. The Rajasthani puppet show is a platform given to the tourists and guests in Rajasthan by the local people of Rajasthan. The back stage performers and puppeteers are no else but the village people of Rajasthan.

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