Puppets of Rajasthan

Puppets of Rajasthan contributing to the culture of the state

Rajasthan shares the special ambiance of royalty and monarchy in the part of the world with unique appearance and essence. The state Rajasthan does not need any introduction to the art and Indian traditions lover who are keenly involved in the monarchy of culture it represents. One such entity of culture in Rajasthan which describes the authenticity of what it is known for is puppets. The puppets of Rajasthan are nowhere unknown to part of the world. The state Rajasthan serves as the biggest market of exporting Rajasthani puppets in every part of the world.

Kathputli: Puppets of Rajasthan

Also known as kathputli, the Rajasthan puppets are made of wooden material as per the shapes of a woman and a man. The cuts and sharps of the wood are made to resemble it to the human face. this serves the meaning kathputli which breaks into two words of Rajasthani language: kath stands for wood and putli means puppet. Kathputli as a whole signifies the puppets which are entirely made up of wood.

After giving a shape to the wood in the form of puppet, it is meant to be controlled by a single string which oases from the top of the puppeteers. And thus, kathputli is known as sting marionette.

The founder of Jaipur, maharaja jai Singh II was believer in royal culture and traditions. Thus, he wanted every entity of Jaipur to be unique and should be carried forward so that the people must realize the form of art and culture which was initially dignified on the land of PinkCity. So, around 1500 years ago, the Rajasthani bhat community started the use of puppets as a string art. Unexpectedly, these puppets art were loved by every community in Rajasthan. The traditions of kathputli were then realized of jai Singh II to be the unique segment to demonstrate the real and victorious stories of Rajasthan. He then officially made the kathputli traditions as the segment of Rajasthani rituals and customs that would help in patronizing the stories of Rajasthan. Bhat community from past 500 years have been claiming that their ancestors used to perform for the kings and royal families of Rajasthan and in return they honored with great respect and pride.

Puppets of Rajasthan: one of the best attractions in the state

With the growing years, the people traveling to Rajasthan are deeply attracted and connected to the puppet show involving the great variety of Rajasthani art and culture. The puppets in the show resembles to some character whose voice is produced by the lead puppeteer with the help of bamboo reed. During the puppet show, the story revolved around the victorious and memorable scenes of the people of Rajasthan. The puppet show of Rajasthan involved different voices of the puppets by the puppeteer, folk music and dances along with it. The typical stage is always designed for the puppet show and result to the grand appraisals and honor especially by the tourists.

Not only the puppets of Rajasthan, but the other entities like festivals, cultures, attires, cuisines and many such connected entities enroll the state into the coin of richness and royal heritage. There is no doubt that the people of Rajasthan also contributes to the dignity of Rajasthan specially the artist and craftsmen of the state. To know more about the same, the two sites pinkcity.com and Jaipur.org serves the exemplar platform to ensure the royal trip and glimpse of every entity assisting the heritage of Rajasthan. pinkcity.com serve the definitive guide to the users who are wishing to travel the city Jaipur and provides every segment of information that might be helpful to them from the accommodation in Jaipur to the places to visit in the city. Jaipur.org serves the second side of the coin elaborating the beauty of Jaipur and briefing it to the higher level of royalty that people are rarely aware of.

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