Places to visit in the Amazing Alwar city of Rajasthan

sariska national park, alwar

Alwar is popularly known as the “The Tiger gate of Rajasthan”. This gorgeous city is surrounded by the “Aravalli mountains” which gives the city an appearance of being engraved spectacularly with rocks. The amazing Alwar city is located in the midst of the elevated hills of archaic ‘Aravali’ mountain ranges. Long ago, this city was known as the “Mewar”. Alwar city is one of the picturesque tourist places in the entire state of Rajasthan. Alwar is on the brink of the Haryana state boundary. Located in the eastern part of the Rajasthan state, Alwar city is enclosed by the knolls that envelops a few dense forests and lagoons.

History of Alwar

In reality, Alwar city has 2 fascinating histories. A part of this place was known as the ‘Matasya Desh’ in the past. This place dates back to the primeval era, that is to say, 1500 B.C. If truth be told, the ‘Matasya Desh’ has been quoted in the classic epic ‘Mahabharata’ as the place where the victorious ‘Pandavas’ spent their final 13 years of their deportation . Perhaps, the prehistoric state of Alwar was the ancient kingdom in the entire Rajasthan state.

The second story about Alwar is attributed to the “Kachh” family. Until the 13th century A.D, the inhabitants bravely fought against the foreign attacks. As a final point, the Alwar city came into the custody of Muslim decree. However, this did not continue until the year 1771 when Maharaja Pratap Singh, the ‘Kuchwaha’ emperor conquered the city again. Thus, the Alwar town has been subjected to diverse traditions and headship.

Important places to visit in Alwar

There are so many tourist attractions in the Alwar city where you can spend a quality time with your family. Get ready to explore the different places of visit in Alwar.

The Fort : The Fort stands at the apex of a knoll. This astounding fort is located about 600 meters on the pinnacle of the Alwar city. The walls of the fort are expanded to about 1.6 kms east to west and 5 kms from north -south. The Fort has a large number of both undersized and big towers. There are abundant openings for musketry on all the sides. The Fort has 6 gateways that serves as the standard way in for the public.

Rani Moosi Chhatri : The monument ‘Rani Moosi Chhatri’ was built in the reminiscence of “Moosi Rani” – the spouse of the former Maharaja “Bakhtawar Singh”. This Monument was constructed by fusing the “Indo-Islamic” architecture. The entire construction of Rani Mosi Chhatri took almost nine years to finish. Basically, it is a double-storey building that is placed on the pillar. The monument has pavilions, arches and manifold domes around it.

The City Palace : The City Palace was built by Bakhtawar Singh in 1793 A.D. The City Palace is a breathtaking tombstone that attributes Mughal & Rajput style of structural design. The fortress compound has gigantic gateways and marble pavilions that stands on the lotus shaped pedestals. There is a fine-looking patio in the middle. Also, there is a colossal reservoir built for the purpose of providing water supply to the locals. At the moment, this majestic palace cleaves to a number of government administrative centers.

The Jaisamand Lake : This astounding lake was constructed in the year in the year 1910 by “Maharaja Jai Singh”. The Jaisamand lake takes the pride of being the 2nd largest “Man-Made” lake of the earth.

The Government Museum : The Government Museum is a division of the City Palace compound. This museum is located on the top floor of the structure. The Government Museum has a huge compilation of articles that belongs to the imperial Alwar family. In addition, the museum also displays some interesting documents of ‘Gulistan’ & ‘Shahnama’. Also, there is a script on the existence of famous “Mughal sovereign Babar”.

Ways of transportation to Alwar city:

By Air : You can reach Alwar city by taking a flight either in Jaipur city or in Delhi. Jaipur airport is not far away (about 148 kilometers ) from the Alwar city. However, Delhi airport is 154 kms away from Alwar city.

By Train : There is a railway station in the Alwar city. It is located a few kilometers towards the east of Alwar metropolis. All trains from Jaipur, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jodhpur, Ajmer and Deeg reach the Alwar railway station habitually. The well-known train service – the “Fairy Queen” also offers its service to Alwar city.

By Bus : There is a bus stand in the west of Alwar city. There are regular bus services available from Jaipur and Delhi to Alwar city.

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