Zari Sarees

What is Zari?

Zari, a thread majorly Gold or Silver which is woven with primarily silk cloth to get some intricate pattern and designs. Zari work is an embellishment done on clothing’s to enhance the beauty of the cloth. It was started in the Mughal era and was extensively used in traditional Indian, Pakistani and Persian garments. Today, mostly real Gold/Silver threads are not used but have cotton or polyester yarn at its core wrapped by golden/silver metallic yarn. Mostly Zari pattern is used in silk sarees, Ghagras, skirts tops and vettis.

Zari is usually woven into brocade, which is then used in weaving and embroidery. Firstly it is manufactured by winding (covering) a flattened metallic strip made from pure gold, silver or slitted metalized polyester film, on a core yarn, usually of pure silk, cotton, nylon, polyester, wire, etc.

Types of zari sarees

 Zari sarees are broadly are of three types namely : – Real Zari and Imitation Zari; Real Zari, which is made up of real gold/silver threads which is  nowadays very rare, as with the hike in gold/silver prices these metals are not being use instead  silver electroplated copper wires are being used which is known as Imitation Zari and the Metallic Zari in which metals other than gold/silver/copper are used which are cheap, non durable and non-tarnishing and light in weight  and more durable. In earlier times real Zari work was very much in fashion but with hike in the gold/silver metal rates, Real zari work is very rarely found.  Zari work is majorly done in Surat, Gujrat whereas from there ported to different places where beautiful garments are weaved.

 Jaipur Zari Saree

Jaipur Zari Saree is a category of hand work sarees is a beautiful and intrinsic piece of garment which is adorned and loved by women over the globe. The sarees are beautifully woven and embroidered, according to the occasion the sarees are available in the market. Wedding (bridal), Festive, Exclusive sarees are differentiated on the basis of zari work done on the saree.

The more intricate and heavier the zari work the more apt it is for Bridal ware. Banarsi Silk sarees with heavy embroidery and deep vibrant colours are the best option for the beautiful bridal sarees.

Festive Sarees have comparative lesser work, less of embroidery or woven brocade available in beautiful different intricate patterns and colors and are best garment worn on the festive season.

Exclusive Saree for those exclusive moments where you can leave people spell bounded with your look, sarees are specially designed for those casual occasions, and saree with beautiful intricate and meticulous pattern are woven.

Where to get it from?

Jaipur market is shopper’s paradise where all the Jaipur Art and Craft is available in all ranges. Expensive or Inexpensive both kind of Zari saree of hand work sarees are available in the market. Bapu Bazaar, Indira market, Badi Chaupad, Choti Chaupad etc some of the local markets in the main city market which offer some of the exquisite collection of them.

To enlist some of the major Zari Saree stores in the city are:-

  • Rana’s on M.I road
  • Zari Silk Sarees on Narayan Singh Circle Road
  • Jai Saree Emporium in Johari Bazaar
  • RK Zari Sarees in Vaishali Nagar
  • White Lily Sarees on Sawai Man Singh Road

Jaipur is a hub of extremely talented and skilled artisans which are continuously making and experimenting in making some really beautiful types and patterns of sarees, in different patterns and colours. The different designs and traditional Rajputana patterns created on the brocade gives the saree more of traditional and royal look. The weavers try and create such traditional intricate patterns such that the charismatic legacy of the Pinkcity is reflected through them. Jaipur arts is an Art and culture influenced site which has details and information on each and every thought able topic and is well efficient for the users.

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