Contemporary Architecture


Jaipur, city is among the most famous cities of India, and is renowned for its palaces, museums, forts its craft traditions and its distinctive pink colored walled city. Jaipur is a well planned city within walls, it was built in pre-modern times according to a distinctive Indian theory of architecture known as vaastu vidya, by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II who himself was a great Astronomer and Astrologer. City was divided into nine parts in which seven parts were given to the public and the rest two were kept for other buildings and palaces. For fortification walls were constructed all around the city as a security mark. Everything was built and was scrutinized under each and every step of Vaastu. Jaipur architecture is world-wide famous and praised; the ancestral architecture was so well planned and built hence sets an example of a wonderful case study.


The ancient architecture styles majorly focused on beautifully sculptured buildings and majorly worked upon the carving, painting, sculptures, gardens and fountains. And were mainly inspired from the ancient  Vaastu Shastra . The major architecture styles involved Jharokhas is a type of overhanging enclosed balcony

Chatris are elevated, dome-shaped pavilions

haveli term used for a private mansion

Bawdi are wells or ponds in which the water may be reached by descending a set of steps

Jaali term for a perforated stone or latticed screen, usually with an ornamental pattern constructed through the use of calligraphy and geometry.

Charbagh four parks

Johad is a rainwater storage tank

The planning and architecture of the monuments and buildings at those times were also substantial and also focused on the environmental effects. Architects in ancient time used stones, hence resulted in heavy weighed huge buildings.

Contemporary Architecture

The contemporary or to precisely talk the present day architecture of the city focuses more on the environmental sustainability, that it should comply with the principles socially, economically and ecologically. Nowadays increasing industrialization has given an edge and has added a complexity to the buildings. Nowadays the construction and planning process of a building is more of a complex issue. Ecological balance, transport, energy service, raw materials, structure etc has to be chalked out before putting into action they all should rely on each other balancing the best of the structure of the building.

Nowadays major concern is given to the Structure systems, Energy usage i.e. should involve less amount of energy, should involve recycled products, the construction is done with RCC; reinforced concrete cement and non-toxic raw materials. Geroo (red colored dye) was used as the color nowadays normal paint with polymer plaster is being used. Less of focus is given to the artistic patterns rather than using simple exteriors with intricate interiors.

The city has some of the monuments and buildings which depict the best example of ancient architecture as well as cover all the aspects of contemporary architecture.

Hawa Mahal or The Palace on Winds is an exquisite beauty example in Rajasthani architecture, the building is  five storied pyramid, which rises to a height of 50 feet. The front elevation of the building from the street looks like a honey-comb web of beehive, having miniature windows which give monument a unique façade. Inside the Mahal are two storied chambers on the three sides, which provide a cooling effect in the chambers which is further enhanced by fountains at the centre of chambers.

Jantar Mantar  Or The Observatory is the place for keeping archeological and astronomical instruments, constructed by Maharaja Jai Singh. The Observatory has 14devices for measuring time, tracking stars, predicting eclipse, the place is huge and the alignment of the devices is so beautifully done.

JKK or the Jawahar Kala Kendra is the multipurpose Arts centre with the purpose of preserving Art and Culture of Rajasthan. JKK was built by the government of Rajasthan under the architect Charles Correa, the building plan of the monument is inspired by the plan of the city, i.e. with nine squares with central square left open. Painted doors, Colourful picturesque ceilings, huge galleries with beautifully carved pillars are all inspired from the Mughal and Rajputana styles of Architecture and very well blended with the contemporary style.

World Trade Park or the WTP is a huge ongoing project in the city. The major attraction of the building is the area, and the huge construction involved. The building is beautiful and situated at a very apt location in Malviya Nagar, near the very famous Gaurav Towers (GT). The Building is huge fully constructed with steel, which makes the building light weighed; its exteriors are fully built with glass which gives it an elegant edge.

The city is in its fast pace with increasing pace of industrialization where the complexity of the building systems increases and the buildings are expected to have a more efficient infrastructure with well balanced mix of all the social, economical and ecological norms and also inherit the ancient patterns.

Jaipur architecture is a fusion of ancient and contemporary and is famous worldwide, is definitive guide for a user to explore more about the Architectural beauty of the city.

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