Jaipur Paintings

“The Rajputana paintings depict the dream world of fantasy portraying the Indian romantic past”

Jaipur paintings are the exploration by the Mughal era assisting the historical art of Rajasthan and specifically Jaipur. The paintings depict the epic literature, folk tales, religious poems, religions and music and other tradition of Rajasthan.

One of the Jaipur culture segments talks about Jaipur paintings. Jaipur paintings are the extravaganza for art lovers. There are various segments in Jaipur paintings which particularly describes a specific theme. The local people of Jaipur serve Jaipur paintings as one of the segment to be proud of. But what makes it a part of Jaipur culture. Let’s discuss about it in brief.

History of Jaipur paintings

Miniature paintings in Jaipur were brought to India by the Mughal in 1555. Akbar, son of Humayun when returning from exile of Persia started the serious business of work of painting in India. The Hindus soon realized the classic creativity by Akbar and thus they chose a particular style of their own from miniature and named as Rajputi or Rajasthani. The painters who decided to settle in Rajput kingdom were inspired by the royal and romantic lives of the Mughals that they portrayed the beauty of Rajput into their paintings with utmost care, deepness along with minute details. Soon the paintings in Rajasthan became the utmost vital part of Rajasthan art and thus paintings schools were introduces in parts of Udaipur, Jaipur, Kishangarh, Bundi, Bikaner and Jodhpur.

Jaipur, the province capital of Rajasthan contributes to the immense field of painting assisting the culture and traditions of Rajasthan. The city Jaipur offers the nature beauty by the essence of Mansagar Lake, Sager Lake, Amber, Forts, palaces and countless places. The miniature paintings of Jaipur depict the beauty of such countless segments in the background of their paintings. The founder of the Jaipur city, Maharaja Jai Singh II was a rich king from kachawa Rajput family. The king was the follower of Lord Krishna and used to worship almighty Radha Krishna and thus his faith for the divine was expressed by the Jaipur paintings. The Jaipur paintings adorn the expressions of faith towards Lord Krishna with his working in literature, dance, music and paintings.

With the initiation of miniature paintings by maharaja jai Singh II in Jaipur, the new school of paintings started emerging in parts of Rajasthan and Jaipur which keenly described the study of music and paintings. The masterpieces of Jaipur paintings usually depicted the beauty of Lord Radha Krishna as it played an important role in the life of king who was a great devotee of the same.

Types of Jaipur paintings

Miniature paintings

Miniature paintings in parts of Jaipur describe the love and affection of Lord Radha and Krishna. The Hindu lovers Lord and Krishna share the immense stories in the Hindu community that thus is admired by many people in India. Maharaja Jai Singh II, as mentioned as the great devotee of Lord Krishna and Radha and thus his creation of Jaipur is showered by the miniature paintings in royal palaces.

Rani Sisodia garden is the best exemplar of miniature paintings in Jaipur which enrolls the stories and affection moments of Lord Radha Krishna under the lapse of nature. Rani Sisodia garden was built by the king of Jaipur for his queen. These miniature paintings were the utmost desires that the king of Jaipur persist for his queen.

Traditions and culture by Miniature paintings

The miniature paintings in Jaipur resembles to the love and affection of the Lord Radha Krishna that they share with the community of Hindu people. The affection and love between Lord Radha and Krishna is adorned by every person in Hindu community. Their stories of affection offer the richness in their love and trust that they carried for each other. In the end, the Lord Krishna and Radha were departed from each other, but the essence of their love can be felt in the lovers of today’s community of generation. The miniature paintings thus share the beauty of their life and their greatest love and affection never compared to anything.

Modern Paintings

Along with the royal touch in the lifestyle of Jaipur, the city is nowhere behind in the race of globalization and its culture. One such segment expressing the contemporary taste is the modern paintings in Jaipur. The modern paintings in Jaipur offer the contemporary styling of painting which talks about the thoughts and artistic feeling into the modern circle of talent and creativity. The modern paintings in Jaipur are served in many art galleries assisting the purpose of abstract art ambience projected by the artists of Jaipur.

Traditions and culture by modern paintings

With the increasing race of globalization, the abstract form paintings play a vital role in demonstrating the deep thoughts and emotions that the artists try to portray in their painting. From violence to peace, every segment is expressed by the abstract form of painting. The culture of modern paintings talks about the pictures of reality which is ruling the world. The hear t and soul of an artist is what the modern paintings symbolize. The abstract painting resembles to the thoughts that rules the heart of the artist which he wants to embrace it to the world through his creativity in paintings.

Original paintings (ancient paintings)

Original paintings in Jaipur reflect the artistic thoughts by the painters in Jaipur towards the Jaipur culture and people. The original paintings in Jaipur talks about portraits of the Rajasthani people into the painting defining their thoughts and essence that they carry towards their culture and customs. Portrays by original paintings reflects the emotions f the Rajasthani people. The bequest art and customs bestowed on the local people of Rajasthan by the king of Jaipur let the people of Rajasthan to be proud to their art and rituals and this is what original painting of Jaipur reflects. The demonstration of customs of people of Jaipur is perfectly denoted by the different layers of colors and emotions of the artist that he registers by his paintings.

Traditions and culture of original paintings

The ancient and original paintings of Jaipur talks about the portraits of Rajasthani people and Rajasthani village scene which depicting the royal culture of Jaipur. The theme behind portraying the ancient painting of Jaipur reflects the attitude and emotions that an artist carry towards the Jaipur culture and art. The painting of a Rajasthani women dressing up depicts the emotions of an artist who falls in love with that woman. Her beautiful attributes which is making the whole world falling of her bounds the artist to portray her with his brushes. Her beautiful hairs and her eyes provoking the viewer to love her is what define the theme of the ancient Jaipur paintings.

Style, colors and themes of Jaipur paintings

Jaipur paintings offer the trip of varying styles depicted by the artists of Jaipur along with the taste of color that they register in their paintings. The themes and style of Jaipur paintings is what makes it a masterpiece of Jaipur art and culture. The Mughals dedicated their whole life in demonstrating the beauty of Jaipur by different styles, layers, colors and themes which typically stand over to the class of Jaipur. The land offers the essence monarch, and thus it became a vital point for painters to paint their thoughts and creativity matching the same monarch of PinkCity. As said, it takes decade to create a standard, but a second to destroy it. So it became the crucial moment of painters in Jaipur to match with the class and dignity as of Jaipur. Briefing it, the styles and themes of Jaipur paintings was categorized into following:

Artistic paintings

The artistic paintings of Jaipur talks about the thoughts and emotions by the artist of Jaipur that they developed towards the land of dignity. The artistic paintings in Jaipur include the culture of Jaipur people that they share with the part of the world. As said, the artists are the monitoring people who can understand and portray the emotions of other people into their own art. The artistic paintings on the same page demonstrate the feeling and emotions by their brushes resembling to the different portraits. For instance, the portrait of a Rajasthani women is the artistic painting which demonstrate the rituals and customs that women is carrying with her along with the sense of pride and honor being a Rajasthani women sharing coyness in the part of the globe.

Oil paintings

Oil paintings are one theme of Jaipur painting offered by the painters in Jaipur. The oil paintings offer the painting by drying oil drawn peculiarly to pasteurize the beauty of Jaipur. The royal palaces, forts and places of Jaipur are reflected by the oil painting of Jaipur paintings along with the scenes of Rajasthani women and men. The beauty in oil paintings offers the background of the royal places of Jaipur which typically describes the architecture of Jaipur. The oil paintings of Jaipur demonstrate the extraordinary creativity and talent by the Mughal painters who settled down in the Rajput kingdom and worked to uplift the beauty of Rajputana through their paintings. The oil paintings in Jaipur also depict the work of zari and gold with it which is the keen and vital part of the painting. The richness of oil painting in such pictures is depicted by the zari, silver or gold work in it by different layers.

Handmade paintings

We all have heard about the paintings made by layers of brushes. But, one unique theme of Jaipur paintings talks about the handmade paintings. it sounds strange, but the Mughal painters in Rajput kingdom introduced the form of handmade painting which was appreciated all over the world. After the establishment of paintings schools in Jaipur since Mughal era, the art lovers were magnetized by the handmade paintings offered by Jaipur paintings, and thus announced it as the rich segment of Jaipur culture. Many art lovers opted for the handmade painting segment as their career and created masterpiece which depicts their creativity and love towards the heritage of Jaipur. The handmade painting of Jaipur is famous and demanded in every segment of the globe because of its unique quality and purity of culture it portrays.

Decorative paintings

Decorative paintings known as Rosemaling was though initiated in the rural areas of Norway, but this art of painting was firmly appreciated by the people of India and specially by the artists of Jaipur. The Rosemaling form of painting offers the paintings which demonstrate the beauty and pasteurization of the flower Rose. The decorative paintings in Jaipur are influenced by many art lovers and thus the presence of decorative paintings is depicted in art galleries of Jaipur. The decorative paintings offer the wide range of beauty and glaze of the nature in the form of rose flower. Thus, Jaipur offers the platform of Rosemaling paintings with the fusion of royal touch of Rajasthan.

The Jaipur paintings make it a vital platform in sharing the Jaipur culture to every part of the world. The different forms of Jaipur paintings are loved by every type of audience. Not only this, Jaipur paintings is the milestone is the art and culture of Jaipur which is endowed and learned by the art lovers in many paintings school. Jaipur paintings are a tribute to the history of Rajasthan and the beauty of Hindu community offered by miniature form of paintings. It’s not only Jaipur painting which offers the treat to the culture of Jaipur, rather Jaipur paintings is one of the segment redefining the art and culture of rich heritage of Jaipur. The sites pinkcity.com and Jaipur.org offers the trip to the culture and art of Jaipur which bounds the tourists to visit the rich city known as Jaipur. People who deeply appreciate the culture and traditions of Jaipur often worry about the accommodation facilities in Jaipur if they wish to visit Jaipur. In that case, the sites pinkcity.com and Jaipur.org also assists the users to the best accommodation facilities in Jaipur along with the places and temples to visit in Jaipur. 

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